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Customer Reviews, Feedback and Photos
Print on Fabric / V V Prints Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets

[cotton poplin inkjet fabric sheets used in memory quilt]       I ordered your cotton fabric sheets for a quilt I was making for my mother's 90th birthday. I am very happy with the quality of the fabric prints. I set them as per your instructions. Your inkjet fabric sheets were very easy to use, and the colors are fabulous.
     We paid to have our quilt professionally machine quilted, and it is beautiful. With the extra fabric sheet I tried using steam and a spray bottle last night, and eveything worked fine. Great product.
     I am attaching a picture of our quilt and don't mind if you use it, but please don't list my name or where I live.

Name and location withheld by request

[silk habotai chiffon purse]       I received your 100-sheet pack of cotton fabric sheets today. I ordered the cotton without testing because I am so happy with your silk sheets. I will be making laminated containers as well as photo quilts and wallhangings, not to mention more purses and bags with the silk fabric sheets. Sorry I didn't make the time to tell you how much I like the silk sheets last week when I sent you the purse photos.
[back of silk purse]       Attached are pictures of a silk purse I made and showed this past weekend at the Dorchester Sandpiper Festival here in New Brunswick, Canada. I received wonderful feedback on it. The front of the purse features a vintage mother-of-pearl button from my grandmother's collection. I printed my photo on both your silk chiffon and silk habotai (paper-backed) sheets. Then I layered them over very lightweight batting before the free-motion work. The back has one sheet of printed silk chiffon layered over the mustard silk. People were amazed at the quality of my colour floral photos printed on silk. Some could not believe they were actual photos from my camera that had been printed with my inkjet printer on silk sheets, and were very curious how the fabric got through the printer. The sheets worked very well for me and I had no problems. The colour reproduction is terrific and I like how the fabric so deeply absorbs the image.

D. Sheppard, Rockport, NB, Canada

      Valerie, thanks for your help. I bought the HP C6300 and it prints beautifully on your fabric sheets. I can't believe all the different fabric sheets I wasted, and I even made a couple of pillows with faded photos thinking it was just the quality of the photos. Live and learn! Thanks again.

J. Paton

[South African rugby quilt]       I am a amateur quilter. One of my quilts was for my niece who is a big South African rugby fan, and the other one was for my sister, with photos of her grandchildren. The rest of the family also wants some quilts now.
      Attached is my order for a 50 sheet pack of cotton poplin. Please bill my card with the right amount (shipping, handling, etc) included.
      This is the best product I have ever used. Thank you.

Matilda van der Westhuizen, Tanzania.

[Vest made with inkjet printable cotton fabric sheets]

[Quilt Closeup showing cotton poplin fabric sheet print]

        I absolutely love working
with these cotton fabric sheets.
There aren't enough hours in
one's lifetime to create all the
ideas that explode out of my
head once I sit down at the
computer!!! Beware -- this is
very addicting.

Kathleen Brown, Vancouver, WA

Note: Kathleen used one of her
own patterns with images from
our Victorian Women image CDs
to create this beautiful vest.

      I made this memory lap quilt
for my mother for Mother's Day.
She loved it and feels surrounded
by her loved ones as she uses it
in her recliner to sit on. Currently,
I am working on another quilt
for my mother-in-law. I am hoping
to have it finished by Christmas,
but I am not sure. Getting enough
family photos has been a challenge.
     The inkjet fabric sheets are so
easy to work with and the colors
are beautiful.

Verna J. Morrow Cleveland, Texas

    [Family Memory Quilt made with VV Prints inkjet cotton fabric sheets]

     I have really enjoyed using your products. The main thing I was looking for when I went to the Denver show last year was some way to copy pictures easily onto fabric. What a great find. . . I already need another package of your fabric sheets. I'm getting a bigger package this time. I ruined five of them last time by mistakes. I had a fax come in and forgot I had fabric sheets in the printer. Isn't that a bummer. Expensive mistakes. I have one quilt I am starting to put together now. I will need more later, probably another 50-sheet pack. I am attaching the finished quilt for my front bedroom. It is actually a King comforter size, but, I use it on the front bed like a bedspread. . . I have really enjoyed using them. I hope to bring my quilt to the Denver show so you can see it. I am pretty thrilled with it. It started out to be a throw and ended up being a King. I wrote poems, and letters of how I feel about things, my Christmas tree, family and the like. My kids will know what makes me tick a lot of years from now. . . Hi Val, I need some more fabric sheets to finish these quilts. I am working on the twins now, and that is 4th and 5th. Then I will have all five grandsons' quilts made. If you ever come to California let me know.

Dixie Frabasilio Blyhe, CA

[Soldier Quilt]       We are having a blast making our Military quilts personal with their requests. We print fabric sheets with the interests of the individual (i.e. cars, sports, favorite teams, occupation, etc.) to include. One man is from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and I found a sunset and sunrise photo over Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and those pictures are going to be on his quilt.
These are some of the appliques/pictures I have done this weekend. I did not make the quilt tops but I did do the pictures, embroidery, and appliques. I iron a beige stabilizer under the fabric sheets first so the underlying fabric does not show through. We are proud of the work we are doing and pray that God continues to bless us with health, fabric and funds to continue our ministry. When I first started sewing with these fantastic ladies, I asked how they knew who was to get a quilt, and their answer was, "God tells us."
Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Imogene Hall, McPherson, KS

Note: We are happy to offer our fabric sheets at a discount to this worthy cause. If you can help support this ministry with a donation of quilting materials or a financial gift, please click on the quilt to go to their website for more information.

We hope these reviews and photos have inspired and given you ideas. Please mail or email us your photos and feedback and we'll post them.

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